Membership Benefits

From 5 to 18 there are many things to do and lots to learn. Our Young Embroiderers will find...

  • They can learn the basics of stitching and embroidery and then develop their skills and ideas as far as they want to
  • Projects galore from simple ideas to exciting pieces for individuals or groups
  • They can enter competitions
  • Take part in projects in their local area or at national and regional exhibitions
  • How to embellish clothes and accessories
  • They can get their questions answered by experienced, professional and graduate embroiderers
  • Help and advice anytime they get stuck
  • Opportunities to visit interesting places
  • Ideas on making things to wear, adding their own designs to clothes and accessories
  • Patterns and examples of mobile phone covers, birthday cards, bags, jewellery etc.
  • Fashion and art in textiles
  • News of ‘what’s on and where it is happening’

As a parent, family member or guardian you will find...

Our Group Leaders and helpers* are DBS checked. (* At least one helper per group)

  • Support for you and your role in interesting and encouraging your young embroiderer
  • Projects you can do together with your young embroiderer
  • Opportunities for your young embroiderer to take part in team events and grow in confidence
  • Ideas, inspiration and fun things to do that inspire and encourage your young embroiderer