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Miles earns a Blue Peter Badge!

Blue Peter BadgeMiles, who belongs to our Oswestry group, wrote to Blue Peter in November 2018 about belonging to JETS/Young Embroiderers. Here is what he said:

miles with his Blue Peter letterHey Blue Peter

I'm Miles and I am nine years old. I really like your show so I was wondering if I could get the blue badge. Even though I am a boy I am into embroidery (stitching). I go to a club called JETS (Junior Embroiderers and Textile Students - which my grandma takes me to the first Saturday of every month. I have been doing it for at least two years now and I have got very good at it. I have made a bug, a coat of arms and also I am halfway through a house.

Here are some examples of my work:

Coat of Arms by Miles 3D Bug by Miles
Coat of Arms by Miles 3D Bug by Miles

I have included a copy of the certificate I got from the Regional Competition. I hope this is enough to get the blue badge.

From Miles

P.S. don't tell Radzi but Lindsey is my favourite!

and here is the letter from Blue Peter:

Blue Peter Letter

De Denne Competition 2018/2019 - "Life's Rich Pattern"

This year the de Denne Challenge is called "Life's Rich Pattern". If you would like to enter our competition you must be a member of Young Embroiderers (Junior Embroiderers and Textile Students). There are prizes to be won! Please click on this link to get more information and an entry form. De Denne Life's Rich Pattern. You will be asked to log in with your membership number and password.

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