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Nahida Mahmood

Nahida Mahmood
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Nahida Mahmood

Nahida's influences include islamic architecture, mathematics and astronomy.  Her style is unique and unusualwith her expressive machine embroidery of geometric and organic motifs on hand-dyed silks and devore.  Her work reflects her muslim faith and her belief in the power of the human mind to overcome all obstacles - she says "If someone says I cannot do something, I will!" 

Nahida's mother learned hand embroidery in her native Pakistan and is an accomplished needlewoman. Unable to interest the young Nahida in traditional Punjabi hand embroidery, decades later Nahida is now keen to learn those skills.  When it came time to decide what embroidery method to use for the final year of her degree, her mum's advice was essential and ultimately practical.  As access to the university's Brother machine would end with the degree course she should "learn the machine" as she would always have access to her mother's expertise.  Today Nahida is sponsored by Brother machines.

"My work is my romance" is Nahida's lyric description of her work ethic.  Her husband, children, mother and brothers are justly proud of her achievements - she completed her upper first degree in determined fashion after a nine-year break that came about as a result of other domestic priorities.

 If you are inspired by Nahida's story and wish to ask her any questions you can do so by emailing Chief Stitch at any time. 

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